What is I-4 Activist Watch?

Central Floridians are unaware that many of our ‘local’ activist organizations are simply serving as proxies for union bosses and their allied social justice foundations and political committees. Our community is nothing more than a pawn on their national political chessboard, a collection of swing votes. Big Labor’s special interest groups are pumping resources into our region to cultivate grassroots capacity to drive their national agenda. The potential fallout for local residents is burdensome mandates that could grind our economy to a halt. Of course, these interest groups aren’t based here, so it matters little to them.

I4ActivistWatch.org is a coalition of citizens concerned with the national special interest groups’ stealth efforts to impact public policy and attack job creators in Central Florida to promote their national ‘movement’ at the detriment of our community.

ACORN and the Orange County charter: ‘It’s the same old song’

August 25, 2014

We have been singing the same old song for so long here at I-4 Activist Watch we’re a little surprised that people don’t mistake us for the legendary Four Tops, of Motown fame — and yes, our latest tune centers on ACORN. Again. Having been successful at purchasing collecting the required signatures to get a second […]

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